Me, in a nutshell

Steve Khoe is a thinker, runner, snowboarder, explorer, idea cultivator, and raconteur.  Having developed a passion for both the creative and the technical from an early age, he insisted on tinkering to discover how things worked, writing poetry and free thought essays, exploring photography, and always thirsting for knowledge and adventure.  Curiosity about finance, investing, and business turned into a hobby and later a passion.  Being formally educated as an engineer, an exciting career path has allowed him to wear many hats including: account manager, automotive electronics designer, project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, entrepreneur, consultant, and marketeer. He continues along the infinite journey of continuous improvement, seeking to better himself and the world in which we all live. He reads, writes, and ruminates from his home in a suburb of metro Detroit.

And I guess you could say,

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