…And I Feel Fine

December 21, 2012.  It’s the end of the world as we know it.

A few times this year I’ve had the thought: “Maybe the Mayans were right.”  It normally follows something so out of the ordinary or incomprehensible that it can only be interpreted as a sign of the end times.  I can’t remember all of the exact moments over the last year, but I wrote down a few that came to me just now.  Some are meant to be funny; some are a little bit serious.

This article isn’t complete.  I want this list to be interactive; I need your help.  Have you seen anything this year that made you think maybe the world was ending?  Leave me a comment here, email me, tweet me, text me, and I’ll add it (with credit to the source unless you don’t want it).

  • Dave and Chuck the Freak LEFT 89X! I thought they would be a part of my life and my mornings forever. Maybe this is end. (Added: 11/23/12)
  • No more Twinkies and Wonder Bread.  The irony is that Twinkies last forever.
  • The weather.  I don’t want a Global Warming debate, but both sides have to admit that things have been a little wonky.  It barely snowed at all last year and it was 70° in November! A hurricane hit New York in October. Think about it. When’s the last time a hurricane hit New York? Or ANYWHERE in October?
  • I actually heard someone say “Snooki is going to be a good mother”.
  • According to non-supporters, because Obama was reelected.
  • You know those energy saving CFL light bulbs that are supposed to last a long time?  They’ve been burning out left and right at my house. At least 4 of them last week.  Is it possible even they are giving up?
  • Right now, Notre Dame is ranked #1 in the AP poll.
  • The most common response to the Mayan theory isn’t “that’s ridiculous”, but “well, it wouldn’t be the worst thing”.
  • My friend G, who I’ve known for 11 years and had never seen wear anything but dress pants started wearing jeans in 2012.
  • Gangnam Style. Three quarters of A BILLION views. Sexy lady.
  • I heard Bieber said “never”.
  • The growth in popularity of reality TV is unexplainable. The demographic of people who have given up on living their own life and started watching others is huge and growing.  Think about it; it’s a one for one trade.  You give up a precious minute of life for every minute you watch other people just living their life.
  • (Your thoughts here, please.)

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2 Replies to “…And I Feel Fine”

  1. Dude- the loss of twinkies is huge. If you remember Sherbern from Stevenson he claimed they would last 20 years in a package and still stay preserved…

    And you’re right- CFL bulbs totally suck! what good are they if they blow out all the time?

    My thoughts on reality TV? Scum of the PLANET! from Kardashian to Honey booboo – they bring out the worst from America and show it to the world. absolutely hate reality TV- plus the fact that it’s not real and every channel tries to copy what the last seasons hot show was.
    am I allowed to post profanity? hahaha-
    nice blog Steve, hope you’re well!

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