I was heading southbound on Pelham through the light at Van Born while a car in the oncoming left turn lane made a clean turn in front of me.  As I proceeded through the intersection the next car in the oncoming left turn lane was not paying attention and blindly followed the car in front of it, not seeing me until the last moment.

My lower back is a little sore, but other than that, neither of us was injured.

The cherry on top was that it took Dearborn Heights PD a leisurely 58 minutes to respond to my call.  And they sent, what I can only discern to be, the kookiest officer they have.

I did get a nice chuckle when I got home and called Progressive to hear that my claim representative was a nice lady by the name of… FLO – no joke!  She was just as upbeat and quirky as the television spokes-character.  Just a delightful human if I’ve ever met one.

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