Recap of Age 27

Another year has come and gone with lots of memories made… I spent a few moments trying to remember all the best events of my 28th year of life. I know I’m forgetting a lot since I was blessed with an analytic and fact processing mind that doesn’t retain dates, names, or events as well as I’d like.

  • Went to first Thankgiving Day 2010 game and watched my Patriots dismantle the up-and-coming Lions. (Subsequently was embarrassed when I attended the same match-up in pre-season 2011!)
  • Attended UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida Nov. 20
  • 4 trips to Vegas (New Years, 4th of July, August, Birthday)
  • Attended a record number of Tigers games (20+, including 4 in the postseason), a few Pistons games, and 2 Red Wings games (one in 2010-11 postseason)
  • 2 Music Festivals: Movement Detroit and Lollapalooza (Chicago)
  • Concerts: Aziz Ansari, Daniel Tosh, 30 Seconds to Mars/Anberlin, Morrow’s Memory, Drake, Pretty Lights, Straight No Chaser
  • Shows: Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Absinthe, Jubilee, Matsuri, Amazing Johnathan
  • Other Travel: Chicago, Atlanta, Traverse City, Shanty Creek
  • Started a football picks blog.
  • And of course every moment I got to spend with family and friends.  The quantity has gone down over the years, but the quality continues to improve.

Of course this year wasn’t without it’s lows, including the loss of my little brother and friend Shadow.  🙁

I’m not sure what 28 holds, but God has blessed me with great things and great people in my life so I’m confident that many wonderful new memories are waiting.

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